Refillable Travel Perfume Bottles

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WELL LORD INC. is a specialized manufacturer in Taiwan. We pretty sure that the high-class equipment, excellent technology management and rich experience in this line will help us guarantee to provide superior quality Refillable Travel Perfume Bottles, thus able to satisfy customers' changing needs effectively.

Refillable Travel Perfume Bottles - GL1126

Model: GL1126
Refillable Travel Perfume Bottles
Sealing Style: Screw on
Material: Aluminum cap/base, glass vial and wand
Capacity: 6 ml
Color: Purple, blue, red and green
Decoration: With tassel
Applications: Fragrance, perfume usage
• Cutting edge technology
• Constant innovation
• Highest level quality
• Unparalleled customer service
• Our experience includes working some of the biggest cosmetics and beauty companies and retailers in USA and Europe
• We have capability to handle large projects
• Please send us your OEM/ODM specifications and we will meet your delivery on time
• Turnkey solution provided

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Refillable Travel Perfume Bottles

match the stringent quality norms of the international market. Quality is something we take in our stride, for it is an inseparable part of right conduct and work ethics. Our quality standards act as a bench mark for the entire industry.
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