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As professional manufacture, supply and export Powder Spray Bottle in Taiwan. With engineer staff more than 20. strong R&D capability, advanced production lines, perfect Q/A control system and strict raw material purchase control enable our products to meet trade standard and customer's quality level and delivery date. Our quality policy is quality first, offer high quality and high reliability products to our customers and do not make any trouble to our customers. Please contact now.

Powder Spray Bottle - 18686

Model: 18686
Powder Spray Bottle
Perfume powder sprayer bottle
Sealing Style: Screw on
Material: TPE bulb(607, grey net), brass metal, glass bottle
Applications: Perfume powder usage
• Good for perfume or fragrance powder sprayer
• Elegant looking and customize design available
• Can be added with tassel and hose
• All bulb net colors can be done
• A 36-member QC team with at least 15 year's experience.
• With our 36 years of industry know-how, we produce up to 1,000,000 atomizers annually.
• Specialize in producing all kinds of regular perfume atomizer, fragrance powder atomizer and leakproof atomizer.
• We supply famous international brands with fashionable OEM products made from materials meet the various demands of their individual markets.

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Powder Spray Bottle

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